Diabotical Arena FPS (GD Studio) – What we KNOW about Diabotical

Diabotical the Arena FPS game is set to release anytime now. It is a good time to write down what we actually know about it. Also trying to discover if it is going to be worth all the hype and wait of the release (Pretty sure it was supposed to be in 2017).

Arena First Person Shooters have been quite popular since the 90s and this game is supposed to be a direct throwback to the Golden Era of AFPS games like Quake III/Live.

Original Diabotical Trailer

Diabotical really doesn’t have tons of information to go on. There hasn’t been any gameplay footage for quite some time. The most we can gather is from the pretty cool trailer you see above.

You play as an Eggbot which we can all assume is going to be basically a model that you can make any Skin you would want for. There, however, is some skepticism on the hitbox because of the Eggbots roundness. Will the hitbox be too large? I guess we won’t find out until we actually get the game in our own hands.

Diabotical Release Date

2GD has officially announced it’s closed beta!

Closed Beta Weekend 1 starts on February 28, 2020 and continues every following weekend till Open beta.

Go to https://www.diabotical.com/ to try to join NOW!

Diabotical Game Modes

Diabotical Screen Shot 1

Diabotical is said to ship with 11 game-modes / game-types which include; TDM, FFA, CTF, DUEL, CA, IG, Defrag, Wingbot, Solo, Survival, and Race.

The only thing that is really sticking out to me that I really don’t have a clue what they are Wingbot mode. Wingbot is said to be made specifically for Diabotical.

So I’m totally guessing here.

Is that is a place to train with certain modifiers? I don’t know, but I’m a huge CTF fan and I’m hoping that CTF is fantastic in this game and ships polished and correctly.

Diabotical is also changing the way we duel.


James Harding (2GD) a former Quake 4 pro is the brains behind the madness over at GD Studios. 2GD is said to be a great developer as well and with a Quake professional background (although it is Quake IV…) should have a great understanding of how the Diabotical Arena FPS game should be made.

It is pretty clear that this game will be more than just a cash grab, but quite possibly more of a passion project directly made from someone from the eSports scene.

Diabotical PC Requirements

Diabotical Screen Shot 2

I was kind of surprised at the requirements that are released for the game. Considering that eSport titles are supposed to be able to run on low budgets machines. 2GD is shooting for you to run the game at 120 Frames Per Second.

This is very interesting on a few points, how many people are even using 120hz+ Monitors. I mean if you are a first-person shooter fan like myself, YOU probably are and you are probably already well prepared for any shooters than get thrown at your rig.

However, considering the common or casual PC Gamers are probably still using 60hz monitors and low budget machines. It’s going to be hard to hook them into the game. I mean personally, the requirements they are shooting at aren’t that high. Truthfully DirectX 11 Video cards, 8 gigs of ram at least a modern processor you should be fine.

Diabotical Recommendations – Aim for 120FPS

To Reach 120 FPS you are going to need a pretty beefy processor, GPU, and fast ram.

Recommended GPUs are GTX 960/R9 280 for Medium 120 frames.

For High Settings, you will need a GTX 970+/AMD equivalent GPU.

I mean I’m fine with these requirements they are great specs to shoot for. I’m just worried that the casual PC gamer is going to glance at these and be like… 120 FPS!? What!?

Hopefully, I’m wrong and the player base grows regardless.

Diabotical Cost

Diabotical Twitch Streams
Help Grow The Twitch Channel!

This game is now FREE to play.

Old Information

2GD Said in a recent developer stream that the game is looking to release out on steam for around $15

This information is now old since the game is officially an Epic Game Store Exclusive. The Game will be on the same Free-to-Play model as it’s massive hit Fortnite for example.

Diabotical Vs Quake Champions

Diabotical vs Quake Champions

The Majority of the AFPS community hates Quake Champions adding abilities in the latest installment of the Quake Franchise. Quake Champions which as to date is the most popular Arena First Person shooter at this time (of posting). That being said it is losing a ton of players because of the balancing issues as well as performance.

There are speculations that everyone will also leave Quake Champions for the full release of Diabotical. How true is this? I’m not sure.

Quake Champions has tons of issues but does have the Name behind it, unlike Diabotical which is the Studio’s first game to be developed.

At the very least I’m hoping that Diabotical brings some competition to QC and that the QC developers start kicking it into high gear to push for a better experience.

Server browsers

Diabotical is already going to be offering tons of things that Quake Champion players have been ASKING for, for 2 years. Server browsers to be the #1 thing on my list and I know tons of people love Clan Arena modes.

Is it possible that Diabotical might dethrone the king? As much as I hate to admit it being a hardcore Quake fan and someone that loves Quake Champions. It is 100% possible that it could happen I think it all comes down to the March 2019 Patch for QC and how Diabotical is received at launch.

diabolical - arena fps game

What happened to Diabotical?

So far everyone thought the game was set to release this year in 2019. Now it turns out that they probably are looking at an early 2020 release. Most likely sometime after the holidays. In a recent twitch stream, 2GD just said it wasn’t ready but from all the gameplay footage it looks great.

I think they are adding an extra coat of polish and paint to everything.

Look for the full Diabotical Game Release Quarter 1 2020 (Jan-March 2020)

Diabotical Epic Launcher Exclusive

The Diabotical Team has signed a deal with Epic Games and making it an exclusive title just for the Epic Game Store.

I believe this includes a 3 year deal with support. I’m not really sure what support is going to be offered.

So Diabotical will not be on Steam for at least 3 years according to a recent Developer stream by 2GD the developer of Diabotical.


Diabotical looks really promising. I look forward to adding it to my huge library of games. Alongside many of the other Arena FPS’s, I’ve downloaded among the years. Can Diabotical Save Arena First Person Shooters?

I hope that it isn’t a letdown and it does kick Arena FPS Genre right direction!

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Updated February 29th, 2020


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10 thoughts on “Diabotical Arena FPS (GD Studio) – What we KNOW about Diabotical”

  1. Didnt 2GD said there wont be a Survival mode in the most recent twitch stream since it took up to much time for them to develop? I dont think they will launch the game with that many game types in the most recent 2GD stream it was only half I think.

    Im so looking forward for this game and hope it does well!

  2. Thought the exact same… loved the Videos back in the day for the maps that i couldn’t handle back in the day. And he doesn’t even know about this mod… let’s hope he does know what rocket arena is!

  3. $1000 says Apex Legends has given 2GD a lot to think about. I am from the 80s and don’t mind waiting as long as it takes to get a smooth ARENA FPS. The author is correct in the fact that it SHOULD kick Id square in the balls. Diabolical is clocking 300+_fps in beta. Pros, players and production studios will look to Quake Champions to answer back.

    • I agree! At this point I don’t think QC could even come close to getting that performance with the engine it uses.

      I know very HIGH end machince can perform 300+ but the majority of people aren’t going to be able to come close to that number.

      With a Ryzen 7 2700x and 1070 I barely cross over 144 on low settings… (This is on QC)

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