Quake Champions Patch November Pulled!?

quake champions patch november

What happened to the PATCH!? The Unholy Quake Champions Patch November was pushed out then jerked out from underneath us! This was the patch that was supposed to fix a TON of balancing issues. An updated was pushed out, everything seemed fine. Then a lot another patch even heard of FULL game DOWNLOADS to revert the … Read moreQuake Champions Patch November Pulled!?

Quake Champions Comic Review Volume #1

This is a Quake Champions Comic review over Volume #1. Which includes Issues #1 – #3 Written By – RAM V Artwork by – ALAN QUAH & DAVE ROSS Colors by – KOMIKAI STUDIO & FEAT. SEAN LEE Letters By – ROB STEEN You’ve probably been wondering the same thing as me. Is the Quake … Read moreQuake Champions Comic Review Volume #1

Quake Champions November Release Patch is coming!

Quake Champions November Release

Quake Champions November Update will be live this coming week! Looking forward to the Quake Champions November update release? So is everyone else and it was announced Friday on the Official Community stream last Friday! Check the Clip Below! Next Thursday means November 14th, 2018 the “Quake Champions November Update” will be on the LIVE SERVERS! … Read moreQuake Champions November Release Patch is coming!

Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS

Quake Champions November 6 2018 PTS

The Devs are listening! You can check the full Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS patch notes over on the official forums. I finally got around to check out the PTS late last night. Of course, there was no one online at 3 A.M. EST (hence why I want to push a nightshift server) so I … Read moreQuake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS