Quake Pro League Week 4 Controversy – Sib the Villain of QPL?

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This post isn’t to bash Sib in any way. Just like every good film, wrestling match, and book… we all need a villian in our stories or sports. After a Twitter filled Quake Monday, Quake Casters called out Quake Pro Sib. I figured it was worth creating a topic or post over. Below you will … Read moreQuake Pro League Week 4 Controversy – Sib the Villain of QPL?

ITK Podcast #13 DBThanatos & Michaelis (QC: Doom Edition)

This week, DBThanatos & Michaelis are here in the Keep to chat about their amazing career in the Doom modding community. These two partners in crime have developed some of the most interesting, amazing, fun, sometimes controversial Doom 2 mods ever created and QC: Doom Edition in particular checks all the boxes. Our conversation covers … Read moreITK Podcast #13 DBThanatos & Michaelis (QC: Doom Edition)

Quakecast #32 – Jehar – ESports Commentator

Our friends dumptruck_ds (Quake Mapping Community) and Arrrcee (The Quake Grave) the Quakecast recently interviewed the man, myth and legend himself over on the QuakeCast… Jehar!!! The interview covers everything from Jehar’s entry into eSports commentary, the nature and market of modern eSports, Quake Champions, mapping projects and much MORE! You can listen here: https://quakecast.podbean.com/e/quakecast-32-jehar-esports-commentator/ … Read moreQuakecast #32 – Jehar – ESports Commentator

In The Keep Podcast – #08 M3ssia (US Quake Community)

M3ssia, “The Messiah of QuakeWorld”, is an admin for the United States Quake Community where he manages their Quake servers and events. His team is at the tip of the spear in the effort to revitalize the QuakeWorld and AFPS community in North America.

M3ssia/USQC Links:

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