In The Keep Podcast – #86 Kristus (DOOMBRINGER)

Kristus is the lead designer of DOOMBRINGER, a retro FPS game built in the Quake engine which features both a single player campaign & online arena multiplayer. DOOMBRINGER is Kristus’s first commercial game after years of experience in the Doom modding scene, having taken home multiple Cacowards for projects like Phobia: The Age & Curse … Read more

In The Keep Podcast – #85 Zach Murphy (E1M1 Magazine)

Zach Murphy of E1M1 magazine is a designer & co-creator of E1M1 Magazine, a new publication focused entirely on Retro FPS games. Zach has carved out a niche career writing about mobile gaming, retro console releases & has even been featured writing for Retro Gamer Magazine. Here we discuss his journey into writing, game critique, … Read more