What?  – Diabotical Duel Tournament  – Double Elimination  – Bracket Style  – Hosted on the ZenSports platform When?Sun 29 Nov 2020Time: 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 1900 CET Why?  – This is part of the In The Keep’s 3rd Annual Pigeon Classic FPS Charity Event  – ALL proceeds from Pigeon Classic events will go … Read more ZENSPORTS DIABOTICAL DUEL TOURNAMENT

In The Keep Podcast – #75 Andeh (SuddendeathTV)

Andreas (Andeh) Wahl is a partnered Twitch streamer cover all things within the QuakeWorld eSports community. As an accomplished QuakeWorld player, commentator & analysist, few have a wider scope of the knowledge about the game, its players & community. But honestly, we’re just drinking beer & shooting the shit so lock up your daughters! Andeh … Read more In The Keep Podcast – #75 Andeh (SuddendeathTV)

In The Keep Podcast – #74 Michael Markie (Markie Music)

Michael Markie is a musical composer & sound designer known for games such as Quake Champions, Diabotical, Viscerafest & mods like QC: Doom Edition. He’s also stepped into the role of level design through many Quake community mapping projects & more recently working with 3D Realms/Slipgate Ironworks. Michael Markie: Website / Twitter / Quake Maps … Read more In The Keep Podcast – #74 Michael Markie (Markie Music)