In The Keep Podcast – #09 Albert Adeikalam (Master Arena Developer)

Albert Adeikalam is the character/weapons modeler for the upcoming AFPS game Master Arena. He speaks passionately about the tribulations of the indie developer in the modern world, the importance and struggle of learning multiple languages, the difficulties of working with a remote team on a long-term project, his passion for drum & bass music, his … Read moreIn The Keep Podcast – #09 Albert Adeikalam (Master Arena Developer)

In The Keep Podcast – #05 HumanBones (Multiplayer Doom Federation)

HumanBones has been playing Doom since he was 11 years old. A long-time competitor and organizer for the International Doom League/World Doom League.

He is now the founder and head honcho of the Multiplayer Doom Federation. Check out their podcasts and events on YouTube: Multiplayer Doom Federation Radio Network.

Multiplayer Doom Federation

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