Red Eclipse 2 Launched on Steam!

The anticipated Red Eclipse 2 has launched on steam! RE2 release December 19, 2019! I is completely free to play and is a nice edition to the Arena FPS Genre! Be sure to check it out as this crew has worked hard to bring out this game!

This is a video I done before the full release

About Red Eclipse 2

  • A modern, completely free first person shooter.┬áNo fees, no micro-transactions, no loot-boxes.
  • Fast paced, modern first person shooter action with seven unique main weapons.
  • Built on the permissively licensed, open source Tesseract engine.
  • Available for Windows, GNU/Linux, BSD, and macOS.
  • Parkour, impulse boosts, dashing, and other tricks.
  • A huge amount of mutators and game altering variables.
  • Create maps with other players in real time co-op edit.
  • Over ten years of active development, and still going!

This game seems to have been around for a while. With a nice small userbase already it has the potential to grow. I wish I could compare it to another game but theres really nothing out there like it.

It is an arena FPS, it feels more in the lines of a Unreal Tournament than it does a Quake game.


I plan on giving Red Eclipse 2 some more love in the future, now that it is officially released. It is bound to get some more polish added to it to push it over the edge. Sprinkle some of that polish on this game and it would be a great title in AFPS genre. If polish isn’t added to the game I’m afraid the game might fall by the wayside with the rest of the run of the mill arena games.

Don’t forget you can always catch Smango live over on the Quakefans Twitch channel playing play throughs and capturing footage for the YouTube Channel! Also be sure to hit up the Tweet Tweet Twitter.

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