Quake Champions PTS October 30th 2018

PTS OCT. 30th 2018

Tokyopunchout released the patch notes over on the https://bethesda.net/community for Quake Champions today.

Looks like an incredible patch! Check out the build highlights below!

Build Highlights

  • New Champion: Eisen
    • Health 125/100
    • Armor 50/100
    • Speed 310
    • Active Ability:
      • SENTRY TURRET – Places an automated turret that tracks enemies and fires hyperblaster laser bolts.
    • Passives:
      • REPURPOSE – Reduce ability time cooldown by 10% when collecting Light Armors.
      • SALVAGE – Reduce ability time cooldown by 20% when collecting Heavy Armor.
  • New Arcade Modes:
    • Instagib Classic: Visor-only, no abilities.
    • Insta Mystery: Random Champions, Active & Passive abilities deal insta-damage.
    • Mystery Sacrifice: Utilize the random champions you receive to capture and defend the obelisks.
  • Future Map in testing: Citadel
  • Feature: Post-match Victory Animations
  • Performance improvements, optimizations
  • Added Weapon Position game option, allowing players to force all weapons to the center or right of the screen, or choose to keep them at their vanity weapon defaults.
  • Decreased round transition times in Slipgate
  • Fixed Enemy Outline ‘ON’ option
  • Fixed Enemy Outline Color options to correctly apply the chosen color to the arrow, outline, and Fresnel lighting.
  • Fixed options resetting to default every time the game is launched
  • Capture time in Sacrifice Tourney restored to 150 sec (from 60s)
  • Centered the Boomstick (DOOM 2 SSG) by default
  • Fixed AFK Timer for viewers of streams in the Watch browser


Misc Changes & Fixes

Champion Balance

All Champions

  • Reduced damage of all damage dealing abilities
  • Cooldowns unified at 45 sec
  • All active abilities disable shooting for 500 ms
  • Walk speeds unified at 160 ups
  • All ability explosion radiuses unified to 3 m
  • All explosion min splash damage unified to 10
  • All explosive weapon splash radiuses unified to 3 m
  • All explosive weapons min splash damage unified to 10

All Light Champions

  • Starting AP 0 to 25
  • Max AP 50 to 75
  • Overmax AP 125 to 150
  • Starting AP 0 to 25
  • Max AP 50 to 75
  • Overmax AP 125 to 150
  • View Height 0.66 to 0.9
  • Crouch Height 0.38 to 0.5

All Heavy Champions

  • Starting AP 100 to 75
  • Max AP 150 to 125
  • Overmax AP 225 to 200

Check out the full patch notes here.

Now let’s install the PTS

The PTS is available on Steam now! So don’t forget!

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