Quake Champions Doom Guy Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Quake Champions Doom Guy Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Quake Champions Doom Guy spotlight is for all those Doom fans. Also for all those QC beginners and noobs out there. That might want to know more about him and some helpful fragging tips.

The Doom Slayer is better known in the “Doom” Games. Probably even more well known from the 2016 game Doom. With the latest game Doom Eternal coming out anytime. I just felt like it was a perfect time to do the first champion Spotlight on The Doom Slayer.

Quake Champions Doom Slayer

The Doom Slayer QC

If you are somehow unaware of Doom let me give you a little brief history lessons

Doom was released on PC on the MS-DOS platform (Microsoft Disk Operating System). This didn’t require a fancy GUI (Graphical User Interface) to do many different task. You mostly would insert your floppy disk perhaps install the program you’d want to run on the C: Drive.

While Doom wasn’t the very first “First Person Shooter” it did, however, pave the way. It is considered at least the best and spawned the phrase “Doom Clone”.

Many games tried to capture what Doom did and many failed. Id Software basically invented the whole genre and even spawn the game Quake.

So where does Doom Guy come from? Why he is the unnamed Hero fighting all the demons from Hell in all of the Doom Games.

Doom has been ported to literally about anything that has a screen on it. It is almost considered a MEMEdoes it run Doom“. So that being said DOOM guy is on a billion different devices.

Doom Double Jump Ability

quake champions doom guy

Doom Guy’s champion ability comes from his game Doom. He goes into a fight of rage and can basically kill almost anything with one punch.

This also make him move very quickly on his feet.

Doom Guy also has the passive ability which grants him the ability to Double Jump. This ability come directly from the 2016 iteration of Doom. While the game is just named Doom. It is better to refer to it as Doom 2016. As the first game in the series is named Doom as well.

Beginner Tips

doomguy quake champions

Doom guy is a super fun champion to play. He is what many people consider a Medium champion as he starts out with the medium standard health and armor.

You can use his ability to either go on the offensive and try to kill your opponent. DG can also use it to get away from a fight. This is very common and useful to get away from a fight in duels you don’t want.

Using Doom Guy’s passive double jump ability you can make harder to reach jumps than some of the normal characters. A good example of this is the bridge on Blood Covenant to the Rail Gun. This jump is normally a very advanced jump on all other champions.

But with Doom guy it is pretty easy to pull off.

Also, whenever you are strafe jumping as a side note the Double jump does not slow him down.

I use to think it did so I would never double jump. While trying to perform the core movement in Quake Champions which is strafe jumping. I quickly found out from a few pros and watching other gamers. That you should include the double jump to pick up speed.


Quake Champions Doom Guy is an excellent champion and is pretty well rounded. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend him to first time players. Just because of his double jump. He can throw new players off the course of learning how to strafe jump.

After learning to strafe jump I’d highly suggest picking up this champion. Learn how to use his abilities for better map movement and fights.

Please be sure to share this guide out if you found it helpful at all.

Leave a comment down below on what you think about Doom Guy. Can’t wait to cover the
Doom Guy 2019 with the latest Doom eternal to release! Check back for a review on that game!

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