Quake Champions Discord

List of Quake Champions Discords

Below I will post a List of Quake Champions Discords that I’m aware of.

Of course, first here is an invite to the Quakefans.net Quake Champions Discord which we are searching for late night gamers.

If you are a Quake Champions player in the 2 A.M. est – 5 A.M. est PLEASE join our discord!

If you want your community eventually listed. Please see how below but for now, let’s stick with official ones.

Quake Champions Discord

Here are the Official Quake Champions Discords

If any of these links don’t work please email opengl@quakefans.net

The main official Quake Discord


I hope you find the correct Quake Champions Discord you are looking for!

Want your quake community listed?

As stated above if you have any issues or concerns about the list. Or if you need to drop your Quake Champions Discord here. If we get enough emails about putting your discord server here. I will be more than glad to include community discords. For now, I’m going to keep only the regional and official quakes on here.

Please send an email to opengl@quakefans.net so we can update it! Get your community listed alongside the rest! If your community is brand new please do not email your discord. Please try to have at least 20+ people in your community before trying to get it listed. Now, let’s build those awesome quake communities!