Ninja Turtles Arena Game… This is Madness!

Back in the ’90s if you told me that there was going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arena game I would’ve probably spit out my big league chew right into the floor.

Not only was I obsessed with Quake III at the time but turtle games in general I thought were amazing.

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It’s Pizza Time

Ninja Turtles Pizza

Now this Turtle Arena game which you can get completely free.

It’s not quite done, but its got a really good start. I wouldn’t mind seeing it eventually getting some nice polish and a full release someday.

The hit detection is awful and all the sounds are made with the developers mouth.

Yet it is still fun and has great potential.

I believe that the greatest strength of this game is the graphics.

If we could somehow get this game polished up and release I think it would be a great little game to play! (Developers start a gofundmepage!)


The Ninja Turtles Arena game is built on the spearmint engine. Which is basically ioquake3 engine!

Many standalone games that love the feel and movement of Quake III are using this engine to build their games.

Spearmint however has ceased development since 2018.

Hopefully, the Turtle Arena hasn’t been turned into vaporware and can finally get an amazing release.


The Turtles Arena has amazing potential and you get to play as your favorite Ninja Turtle with rockets!

Is it something we should take serious. Probably not, but let’s hope and believe that this game might one day see a full release!

Go collect some pizzas and play the weird obelisk game while doing some back-flips.

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Join the Rocket Arena Beta! (May 23rd)

Rocket Arena Beta is coming May 23rd! Be sure to sign up now and don’t miss out on yet another addition to the AFPS genre!

Sign up Here – (

Warning: This game requires a Nexon Account. So if you already have one all you got to do is sign up for the beta. I know a lot of hate is surrounded by Nexon as developers but I’m willing to give them a chance with this game.

Thoughts on the Rocket Arena Trailer

I think it looks like a mash up of Fortnite and Overwatch more than the athestics of darkness such as Quake Champions. I find QC more appealing to the eyes but as long as the gameplay is fun and enjoyable I honestly don’t care what the game looks like.

From the trailer, the game looks like it will be extremely fun hopefully it has some great rocket action since its called… Rocket Arena.

Covering Rocket Arena

Of course, will be covering Rocket Arena on YouTube and on here as well! I think the game will have some potential and with Quake Champions looking like it has no road map, or receiving updates anymore the AFPS genre must live on!

Check back soon!

I’ll be coming back with a Beta REVIEW soon covering the Rocket Arena Beta that happens during the 23rd.

If you want to join up and are on the east coast be sure to join the discord and be sure to friend invite Smango in-game!

With tons of AFPs coming out around the corner why not add another one to the list to cover! Nothing like shooting direct rockets into your enemies face now is there?

Let’s hope we have a good one on our hands that we all can enjoy!

Keep on fragging. @realkynerd

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