In The Keep Podcast – #20 LocKtar (QHLAN 2019 Duel Champion)

In The Keep Podcast – #20 LocKtar (QHLAN 2019 Duel Champion)

LocKtar returns to The Keep to touch base after his return to competitive Quake and his first ever duel championship at QHLAN. We also talk about the state of QuakeWorld, prospective new players, his plans for the future and even take a phone call from someone very special.

God dammit… I love LocKtar. No disrespect to anyone else, but he is my favorite Quake player of all time. His style, his passion, his grace in the arena… What is there that I can say to truly paint a picture of this man? LocKtar is the same guy outside the arena that he is in it. He’s wild, unpredictable, bold, insightful and yet… calculated. His win at QHLAN 2019 confirms what I already knew… Dennis Larsson is one BAD muthafucka.

LocKtar vs BLooD_DoG Semi-finals QHLAN 2019

The Prophesy

In our previous interview…

LocKtar expressed his frustrations with competitive play. He didn’t perform at his peak in 2017 and decided to retire from QuakeWorld. He focused on his personal life, his car projects and his friends and family for the next year and a half. It was discussed that he would only return for QHLAN. I did everything I could to encourage him to go. Nothing would have made me happier.

LocKtar’s Return

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of BPS and the QuakeWorld community…

… QHLAN 2019 came to be. With landmark coverage from TastySpleenTV, QHLAN 2019 was the QuakeWorld event to end all others because of its unprecedented viewership and incredible quality. LocKtar did indeed return and he showed the whole world what he’s made of.

Conversation b/w LocKtar & ML after QHLAN 2019

I quickly caught up and shortly thereafter we recorded this interview for your pleasure.

LocKtar: QHLAN 2019 Duel Champion

Timestamps are once again provided by the lovely and wonderful Branflakes!

00:44 ITK T-shirts, Amazon Affiliate, and Patreon news
06:45 Winning at QHLAN
21:10 New maps
25:34 Takeaways from QHLAN
30:34 Warfork
35:44 Tournament ideas
39:15 Moving to Finland
41:17 Continuing competitive play
42:59 Teach your kids to play Doom and Quake!
44:45 New players and keeping QW alive
48:49 Subtle moves that make the game interesting
55:58 Special guest calls in 😉


BuLaT & LocKtar
100% authentic 😉
Courtesy of BPS

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The Keep

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