New In The Keep Series: Maps of Madness

So we gotta new show for you guys called Maps of Madness. I would like to say that I had brain child and that this was all part of the plan, but it wasn’t. This is a little something different. Its been one hell of a year, but we’ve managed to create a unique, self … Read more New In The Keep Series: Maps of Madness

In The Keep Podcast – #21 RottenRose (TastySpleen)

“Krista ‘RottenRose’ Popa is a talented lady known & beloved in the community not just for her vast range of contributions across the board, but also for being a bit of a ‘Quake mom’ to many with her sweet & strong spirit. RottenRose joins The Keep to discuss everything including her beginnings in Quake 2 … Read more In The Keep Podcast – #21 RottenRose (TastySpleen)

Quakecast #32 – Jehar – ESports Commentator

Our friends dumptruck_ds (Quake Mapping Community) and Arrrcee (The Quake Grave) the Quakecast recently interviewed the man, myth and legend himself over on the QuakeCast… Jehar!!! The interview covers everything from Jehar’s entry into eSports commentary, the nature and market of modern eSports, Quake Champions, mapping projects and much MORE! You can listen here: … Read more Quakecast #32 – Jehar – ESports Commentator