Quake Champions Timed Duel vs Round Duel

Quake Champions Timed Duel

In today’s Quakefans YouTube video I decided to discuss the recent PTS patch including Timed Duel.

While in the PTS notes they did mention that Spawns are kind of jacked up it was very apparent in some of the live streamed events I watched.

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Quake Champions Discord for Beginners!

Quake Champions Discord

Quake Champions Discord If anyone is out there looking for a great discord for Quake Champions then you’ve come to the right spot! This discord is meant to help people get better not only at Quake Champions but all Arena First Person shooters that we are associated with. Discord Link – https://discord.gg/sCxvs4x The Keep or … Read moreQuake Champions Discord for Beginners!

Quake Champions Eisen Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Quake Champions Eisen

Quake Champions Eisen I have to stress here at first. He is one of my least favorite champions. For whatever reason, I really don’t think he fits into the mold of what I consider “Quake” like champions. None the less he can be a useful champion and I’m here to help with this helpful guide … Read moreQuake Champions Eisen Helpful Beginner’s Guide

State of Quake // Episode 11: Jehar (TastySpleenTV)

Episode Description

In this packed 2-hour episode, we’re honored to have special guest Jehar (Alex Popa) with us. Jehar is the host and creator of TastySpleenTV, he’s been a pillar of the Quake and Doom community for over a decade and is a seasoned esports caster having covered big stage events like Quakecon, Dreamhack and PGL.

Jehar on Twitter

TastySpleenTV on Twitch

Time Stamps

  • 0:27 – State of Quake community events
  • 2:47 – Jehar Intro
  • 6:00 – The origin of Jehar’s gamertag
  • 8:18 – Rotten Rose / The Quakecon proposal
  • 11:34 – How’d you get hooked on Quake?
  • 14:50 – Quake 2 <3
  • 16:12 – Least favorite Quake game
  • 17:40 – Quake mods spawned future game franchises
  • 21:10 – Doom or Quake?
  • 24:44 – Exploration and creativity in video games
  • 28:40 – How’d you get into casting and commentating?
  • 32:10 – TastySpleenTV origins / The Planet Quake days
  • 37:16 – When is a game “dead”?
  • 39:50 – The evolution of streaming
  • 46:50 – Most memorable casting moment
  • 50:30 – Advice to new casters / Jehar’s approach to casting
  • 56:46 – Behind the scenes help
  • 59:28 – Quakecon production
  • 1:00:25 – Casting at Quakecon
  • 1:04:52 – Who do you like to cast with?
  • 1:06:50 – Watching people play video games
  • 1:08:12 – Quakecon then vs now / What is Quakecon like for a newbie?
  • 1:15:00 – Quake: The granddaddy of gaming communities
  • 1:16:54 – The difficulties of modern AAA game development
  • 1:19:00 – Will id ever allow the community to help?
  • 1:26:50 – Jehar’s take on the id/Saber takeover rumors
  • 1:28:33 – What would John Carmack do if he was still at id?
  • 1:34:50 – Bringing people into Quake
  • 1:36:52 – The March patch – do or die?
  • 1:37:58 – What if they pull the plug?
  • 1:39:50 – Apex Legends
  • 1:40:13 – Things we should be thankful for in Quake Champions
  • 1:42:50 – Apex Legends contd’
  • 1:44:46 – Diabotical thoughts
  • 1:49:04 – Is this game alive?
  • 1:51:36 – Doom Eternal thoughts / Spectator mode?
  • 1:54:52 – We’re all part of the same Quake family tree
  • 1:56:08 – What players to look out for in 2019 (NA)

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