Quake Champions Timed Duel vs Round Duel

Quake Champions Timed Duel

In today’s Quakefans YouTube video I decided to discuss the recent PTS patch including Timed Duel.

While in the PTS notes they did mention that Spawns are kind of jacked up it was very apparent in some of the live streamed events I watched.

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Quake Champions CTF is HERE… Sort of!

Quake champions CTF

If you’ve been wanting Quake Champions CTF then you no longer have to wait. Well, if you have the PTS. Pretty sure you can get the PTS on steam now as long as you let the QC Support team know. Reason I know this is because I MYSELF had to let them know I bought … Read more Quake Champions CTF is HERE… Sort of!

Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS

Quake Champions November 6 2018 PTS

The Devs are listening! You can check the full Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS patch notes over on the official forums. I finally got around to check out the PTS late last night. Of course, there was no one online at 3 A.M. EST (hence why I want to push a nightshift server) so I … Read more Quake Champions November 6, 2018, PTS