In The Keep Podcast – #81 Quicktequila (Lovely Planet)

Quicktequila is the solo developer behind the speedrunner-puzzle-platformer-FPS Lovely Planet. GelmoSan of In The Keep joins us to talk about the development of Lovely Planet, J-Pop, motorcycle trips across Vietnam &, of course, the rest of the Lovely Planet series including Lovely Planet 2: April Skies. Quicktequila / Lovely Planet 2: April Skies

Podcast Update 2021

The Full Tech Podcast is finally coming back in 2021, with this Podcast 2021 Update with your Host Smango! Since I’ve retired the name Quakefans Radio I’ve since added all the podcast episodes to the Full Tech Podcast Feed. For some reason Apple got confused and took the Podcast off, because of Redirects… I’m not … Read more