In The Keep Podcast – #95 Kaapeli47 (Golds of FPS)

Kaapeli47 is a Twitch streamer, eSports broadcaster, Doom modder & historian of all things Retro FPS. He has FINALLY returned to the Keep after spending a year conscripted in the Finnish military. We’re discussing what he learned through his time in the service, his ongoing stream series Golds of FPS which explores classic first-person shooter … Read more

Burning Bridges with Bridgeburner – #04 GeneralVivi Returns! (Prodeus)

Bridgeburner is again joined by Jason Mojica (GeneralVivi) to discuss the art of level design in the context of Jason’s history working on titles like Call of Duty, Doom (2016), Wolfenstein & BioShock Infinite & how they’ve informed his current game Prodeus. Jason Mojica: Twitter / Website Prodeus: Website Bridgeburner:Twitter / Twitch The Hellforge: Discord