Quakecon 2020 is officially Canceled

Quakecon 2020

Many folks were looking forward to Quakecon 2020 but if you’ve lived 1 second in the year 2020. You’ve already realized that Quakecon was in jeopardy of happening because of COVID-19. Katowice being our first event being affected. The Contestants still competed but without an Audience. Quake, unfortunately, wasn’t the only game affected. Many other … Read more

In The Keep Episodes 34-42 (Indie FPS Devs and more)

It’s been a busy transition into spring for In The Keep Podcast. Now it’s time to relax and reflect on our accomplishments. We covered a lot of games that are now sweeping the planet faster than COVID-19… If you’re stuck at home, there’s no better time to catch up on the podcasts and indie FPS … Read more

Diabotical Closed Beta Impressions and Thoughts

Diabotical Closed Beta

The Diabotical Closed Beta weekend is upon us and I got to spend a full Friday Night testing out the game. Luckily I was handed a key directly from the Developers and also got my hands on a few extra keys for some of my friends and followers. In this article, I’ll cover the issues … Read more