What is the best gun in Quake?

best weapon in quake

Unlike Quake’s Father Doom, it might be a little hard to figure out what the best gun in Quake is. Quake doesn’t have a weapon or gun labeled the BFG with limited ammo letting you know it’s easily one of the best guns in the games. The Original Quake also starts you a shotgun unlike … Read more

Quake 1.5 Mod is AMAZING and you should play it!

quake mod 1.5

The Classic Quake Mod 1.5 brings new life to that old game we love, Quake. With an uptick of the “Retro Shooter” revival happening this mod makes it feel like it was released alongside games like Wrath Aeon of Ruin, Ion Fury, and Nightmare Reaper. This mod gives the game better graphics, better sound, and … Read more