Why Does Quake Champions Have Bots?

So I was playing some Quake in the early A.M. I started wondering why in the world does Quake Champions have bots? Being a long time quake player, more specifically Quake III. Even in Team Fortress Classic, and Unreal Tournament, there were bots. So why in the world does Quake Champions have bots? Why Bots? … Read more

Team Eisen VS. Team Clutch! WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?

Team Eisen

November Patch 2018 Launched! With theĀ Team Eisen VS. Team Clutch event going on. The Official November Patch has launched! No pulls, no full game re-downloads it is officially live! Check the full patch notes here! So whose SIDE are you on? Maybe you are wondering whose side to choose? Obviously, you want to be on … Read more

Quake Champions Patch November Pulled!?

quake champions patch november

What happened to the PATCH!? The Unholy Quake Champions Patch November was pushed out then jerked out from underneath us! This was the patch that was supposed to fix a TON of balancing issues. An updated was pushed out, everything seemed fine. Then a lotĀ another patch even heard of FULL game DOWNLOADS to revert the … Read more