In The Keep Podcast – #03 Ceasepool (Duskworld)

Ceasepool is a young Swedish gamer who is passionate about arena shooters and one of the best DuskWorld players in the known universe. Listen as he gives us a glimpse into the psyche of an elite player and corrects many of my silly misconceptions about the mechanics in the games we both love. Ceasepool: – … Read moreIn The Keep Podcast – #03 Ceasepool (Duskworld)

Ecstatic Deep Look into Dusk’s Multiplayer Duskworld


“Lesser” Games: DUSKWORLD This series is a departure from the typical Quake Champions ranting we’ve all come to know and love. This is a love letter to the AFPS genre as a whole. The intention here is not to steer anyone away from QC. It’s to give a little perspective and to encourage our fragmented … Read moreEcstatic Deep Look into Dusk’s Multiplayer Duskworld