In The Keep Podcast – #92 David Szymanski (Dread X Collection: The Hunt)

David Szymanski is the game developer behind Dread X Collections’ The Hunt, Squirrel Stapler & The Pony Factory… & Dusk. He’s also the creator of several narrative horror games like A Wolf In Autumn, The Moon Sliver, Fingerbones & The Music Machine… & Dusk. We’re joined by fellow indie developer MK Schmidt (Star Explorers, Paradox … Read more

What is the best gun in Quake?

best weapon in quake

Unlike Quake’s Father Doom, it might be a little hard to figure out what the best gun in Quake is. Quake doesn’t have a weapon or gun labeled the BFG with limited ammo letting you know it’s easily one of the best guns in the games. The Original Quake also starts you a shotgun unlike … Read more

Warfork Leagues Soon!

The Keep is going to be starting Warfork leagues very soon! To allow for competitive play in multiple gametypes, we will be hosting multiple leagues! First, there will be an open tournament for each league, and the top players from the tournament will be invited to participate in the league. The results from the tournament … Read more