Quake Champions Discord for Beginners!

Quake Champions Discord

Quake Champions Discord If anyone is out there looking for a great discord for Quake Champions then you’ve come to the right spot! This discord is meant to help people get better not only at Quake Champions but all Arena First Person shooters that we are associated with. Discord Link – https://discord.gg/sCxvs4x The Keep or … Read moreQuake Champions Discord for Beginners!

The ioquake3 Engine – Engine for Quake III

The original Quake III engine is OLD. ioquake3 brings us quake fans a new way to enjoy all the same old MODS, Games and Add-ons on a newer, supported and updated engine!

So let’s take a look at a new engine for quake III
I hope to be making ALL kinds of Quake III related videos simply because of ioquake3.

Try it out yourself – https://ioquake3.org/

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Quake Champions Eisen Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Quake Champions Eisen

Quake Champions Eisen I have to stress here at first. He is one of my least favorite champions. For whatever reason, I really don’t think he fits into the mold of what I consider “Quake” like champions. None the less he can be a useful champion and I’m here to help with this helpful guide … Read moreQuake Champions Eisen Helpful Beginner’s Guide

Arena First Person Shooters W/Guest TheMotherLoad – FTP #42

Arena First Person Shooters

Arena First Person Shooters – Full Tech Episode 42

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Theres no secret that I love AFPS. I have my friend and special guest The Mother Load from the KEEP on the Full Tech Podcast. We talk almost a FULL hour on our favorite Arena First Person Shooters!


  • AFPS is a staple of PC Gaming
  • What game got us into AFPS
  • Quake Champions
  • What makes an Arena First Person Shooter a AFPS?
  • Arena FPS to look forward too
  • Suggesting FPS

Games Mentioned #Quakechampions #Diabotical #Dusk #UnrealTournament and MORE!

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