The Best Way to Play Quake III Arena on Modern PCs

quake iii arena modern pcs

Having trouble getting Quake III Arena to look good on your modern PC? Then you’ve stopped into the right place! Don’t worry we will have you playing Quake 3 in amazing 1080P and beyond after you read this post. All you need is a little guidance and that’s why I’m here! To guide you on … Read more The Best Way to Play Quake III Arena on Modern PCs

Red Eclipse 2 Launched on Steam!

Red Eclipse 2 has officially launched on steam! Red Eclipse 2 released December 19, 2019. It is completely free to play and is a nice edition to the Arena FPS Genre! Be sure to check it out as this crew has worked hard to bring the game out with a solid release on Steam. About … Read more Red Eclipse 2 Launched on Steam!

Top Streamers are Bad at Quake – QF Radio Episode 2

QF Radio

The Top STREAMERS are BAD at quake… for a link to an invite and member-only discord

This Saturday Morning you wake up with a nice DOSE of Quake Fans Radio! This is Episode Number 2 Every SATURDAY Morning at 7 A.M. EST.

The show is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and all your favorite podcast Directories! Just search for Quake Fans Radio!

Episode 2 Line-up

  • Wake up Spill Check out the InTheKeep Podcast
  • Quake Champions PTS Winter Update coming
  • Top Streamers are BAD at Quake
  • Church of Quake has no idea who I am
  • Effortless Surprised me how well he played.
  • GNiK Shows takes at least 1 map from Dooi

Halo Reach on the Xbox App Won’t Launch

Halo Reach Xbox App

If you are having issues with Halo Reach on The Xbox App then you are not alone. This is a quick guide to maybe help out! Like many PC gamers out there we all got the awesome deal by upgrading our PCs that came with some sweet video game deals. Namely, the Xbox Game Pass … Read more Halo Reach on the Xbox App Won’t Launch