Top 10 New Champions to add to Quake Champions

Top Champions Quake

I was just sitting here wondering what new champions would I want to be added to Quake Champions.  Then I decided why not make a Top 10 new champions list to add to Quake Champions! Because everyone loves top 10 lists, and Quake needs some added to its life. This Top 10 New Champions List … Read more Top 10 New Champions to add to Quake Champions

Quake Champions Invitational 2018 – DreamHack Winter 2018

Quake Champions tournament starts today! Watch it here or go to the official Quake Twitch Channel!

DreamHack Winter 2018

DreamHack Twitch Vods and YouTube Videos will be below for archiving!


Dreamhack Winter 2018 2v2 Tournament Champions

Watch the VOD right here! Find out who won.


Quake Champions Dreamhack Winter 2018 Duel Grand Finals

What a great series! Nerfing a lot of the abilities does add some pure skill action.

After you watch please down below be sure to let us know how you enjoyed the tournament! Sorlag Frag Movie #1

Decided to throw together a frag movie. This is just some Sorlag gameplay right before the Eisen patch launched.



Sorlag Frag Movie

I decided to put this little video together because I had a few hours of recording I needed to knit together. It’s not the most glorious kills ever but just about 6-7 matches thrown together.

Be sure to follow the channel as more Quake content will be uploaded eventually once my new PC is up and running.

Are you ready to play ranked on Quake Champions?

Quake Champions is a very competitive game. So when should you play ranked? This question comes up quite a bit I’m hoping I can help out a little with this question. I’m by no means a professional at any game, but I think I can give you some help of when you should dive in … Read more Are you ready to play ranked on Quake Champions?