QuakeFans.net sole purpose it to write and bring you information about the Quake Franchise and all Arena First Person Shooters.

With the latest Quake Champions addition to the Quake Family alot of the coverage will be the Quake Pro League scene. As well as helpful guides and more for Quake Champions. Find out information about your favorite pro like Rapha right here on Quakefans.

I Smango will be taking you back to the past to experience some of the best Quake Games and Other Arena shooters like Unreal, Diabotical, and Warfork.

QuakeFans.net is just that a Fansite for Quake and games like quake! If love Arena First Person shooters as much as we do. Then do yourself a favor and make this your new homepage or at least give it a nice share on social media! The goal is to make a great community to share and gather information of all the amazing AFPS I and probably you do as well!

Long time gamer, and IT professional. I’ve always loved the Quake games starting with Quake III Arena. I’ve since then played all of the originals to the latest installment Quake Champions.

I’m always following the forums, live streams, and announcements for almost anything Quake and Quake Champions related! Diabotical looks to be the next big AFPS to release so look for coverage on it anytime!

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