QuakeFans.net sole purpose is to write and bring you information about First Person Shooters! This includes Quake, Unreal Tournament, Apex Legends, Indie FPS, and MORE!

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QuakeFans.net is just that a Fansite for Quake and games like quake! If you love Arena First Person and Hero/Champions first-person shooters as much as we do. Then do yourself a favor and make this your new homepage or at least give it a nice share on social media! The goal is to make a great community to share and gather information about all the amazing Arena and Hero shooters I can talk about!

Who Runs Quakefans?

Long a time gamer, and 8 Years+ IT professional. I’ve always loved the Quake games starting with Quake III Arena. I’ve since then played all of the originals to the latest installment Quake Champions.

You can call me Smango.

I’m trying my best to build a quality following on Twitter, honest and accurate information is my main goal on all of my social media and blogs.

Twitter – @TheSmango

That’s not all! I also am focusing on a YouTube channel to coincide with QuakeFans.

You can also contact me via direct message on Twitter for any business inquiries you may have. If you need to send an email I can give you one then.

QuakeFans YouTube Channel

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TheMotherLoad is also a partner in all of this. He is the Key to the Network which you can find down below!


Quakefans is also partnered up with a Podcast/Discord community known as The Keep.

Run by TheMotherLoad he sets out to create a community based on AFPS and Retro/Indie FPS Style Games.

Tune in and join the discord if you enjoy Retro AFPS and current shooters! Login to discord and let us know how well we are doing on the website and our podcasts!

We also have a Network Page if you are interested in becoming a part of that just let Smango or TheMotherLoad know.